The players 

Miss Foster Mom- a 27 year old single teacher who has been fostering for 3 years. She loves cooking, knitting, and anything outdoors.

Nana and Papa- Miss Foster Moms amazing parents who are very active in her fostering journey.

Princess- Miss Foster Mom’s 11 year old former step daughter. Miss Foster Mom still sees her regularly and has a good relationship with her dad and step mom. Princess is a girly girl who loves to read, draw, and play with American girl dolls.

Hawk- Miss Foster Mom’s former foster son, named after his love for the Seahawks. He is currently 12 and stays in contact with Miss Foster Mom. He loves Star Wars and Legos.

Diva- Miss foster mom’s former foster daughter who is currently 10. She is a Diva in all sense of the world. She loves fashion, cooking shows, and her brothers and sisters.

Bubba- Miss Foster Mom’s current foster son and Divas’s youngest brother. He is currently four and loves jumping on Miss Foster mama, all sports, doing cart wheels, watching the cubs and the bears, and the color pink.

Baby Z- Miss Foster Mom’s former foster son. He is 18 months old and he loves jumping, chicken nuggets, and bubba.

Curly- Miss Foster Mom’s former foster daughter. She is Four years old. She loves trolls, paw patrol, dancing, and McDonald’s.

Angel- Angel is Miss foster mom’s current foster daughter. She is 22 months old. She loves to run, pulling toys off the shelf, saying no, all food, and her fuzzy bunny named baby .