10 favorite things to do with my children at home during the holidays

I posted my favorite Holiday traditions but here are my favorite things to do with my kids at home during the holidays.

  1. Decorate my house together. I don’t care how long it takes. Decorating the house is a family activity.
  2. Decorate ginger bread house. I love decorating gingerbread houses. I enjoy making it look pretty and eating all the candy. However, we are doing pre-put together gingerbread houses this year that the kids just decorate.
  3. Taking lots of pictures. I take pictures of everything to begin with (it’s important for me to have something to look back at when the kids have left my house). However, I go a little obsessive over Christmas. I want lots of pictures.
  4. Having matching outfits/pajamas. Whether it’s to go see Santa or just sit around the house, my kids have an extreme amount of holiday outfits.
  5. Have the elves in the shelf visit us. However, we have pretty lazy elves on the shelf, they mostly just move to different spots in our house and possibly do a couple funny things. The elves do go all out for the elf on the shelf breakfast . My parents come over and we eat a big breakfast.
  6. Watch Christmas movies with popcorn and hot chocolate. This is always a fun time and it’s good family time.
  7. Drinking hot chocolate. Drinking hot chocolate is an activity alone in my house. We have marshmallows, sprinkles, whip cream, etc.
  8. Read stories together. We love to read together every night. However, there is something special about reading those special Christmas books.
  9. Play in the snow. I love the first snow and I love to go out with my kids and see their joy.
  10. Making Christmas cookies. We love baking and eating Christmas cookies. Sometimes we have a baking party. But other time we just make a mess in the kitchen and have fun.