Weekly update November 12th

  1. We had family pictures. It was amazing that we were able to coordinate with everyone’s schedule and have Princess be there as well. I needed a new picture for my fireplace because the current one is Hailee and I five years ago.
  2. Baby Z learned to crawl and he crawls everywhere. He gets super angry when you are changing his diaper because he can’t crawl.
  3. Baby Z turned 7 months. Not only is he crawling but he is eating solid food and trying to pull himself up off of everything.
  4. Princess is starting homeschool. It is most likely only temporary but I think it is a great idea for her. Does anyone have any good resources?
  5. Bubba learned how to verbally spell his name. We are currently working on pointing and naming the letters of his name. Does anyone have any ideas to help with that or to help him learn how to write it?
  6. I went to the Bears Packers game with my best friends Sunday and it was amazing to have a day without kids. Too bad the bears lost.
  7. It seems like we are all finally getting over our colds. It seems like we have had this thing for months.
  8. I am starting to make everyone’s Christmas lists. I’m so behind because I’m not sure where either kids case is going so I am afraid to buy too much ahead of time. We do the something you want, something to need, something to wear, something to read.
  9. I’m so busy with work that I’m struggling to get things done at home so our house is a little more disorganized then usually. I can’t wait for thanksgiving break.
  10. We got our first snow!!!! It was only a little bit but we got to play outside in it.

10 Reasons Why I Chose to Become a Foster Parent 

  1. I feel called to be a foster parent I wanted to become a foster parent since I was a little girl. I am not sure exactly when it started. Many members of my family have fostered and adopted throughout the years.
  2. I have a support system willing to help me. Though this is not a requirement of fostering, as a single women it is definitely something I knew I needed in order to foster. My parents and friends were not completely onboard in the beginning because I am young and single, but they supported me anyway. 
  3. I want to be a safe loving home for kids even if for a short period of time. Every child  deserves to have love and support and they can never get too much. 
  4. I wanted to help families reunify. My number one goal is to help support families. I want to be a resource to the parents and help them any way I cabs 
  5. Blood doesn’t make a family. When I was 18 I dated a man with a daughter. I fell in love with her instantly. I knew for sure that I could love another women’s child as if they were my own. I also learned a lot about how to keep a child connected with their bio family even when you don’t agree with their families choices.
  6. If families can’t be reunited I want to be a forever home. I would continue to foster a relationship with their bio family in what ever way I can. 
  7. I love kids. I didnt feel like I needed to get married to start raising kids.
  8. I have the resources. As a single women, who owns her own house, I felt that had the means and time to foster. 
  9. I felt like as a Special Education Teacher I had unique skills I could bring to fostering. I have training on learning disabilities and other disorders that allow me to be an educated advocate for children. It has definitely helped me before. (Every foster parent has their own unique skills they bring to the table) 
  10. Why not? You just have to leap into fostering. I might eventually decide fostering isn’t for me anymore, but hopefully I would have made difference in one kids life before then.