Weekly update December 10

  1. Baby Z was reunited with his family! I am so happy for them that it’s hard to even be sad. But my house is very quiet since he left. His parents are sending me lots of adorable pictures which is helping the sadness. I feel like I should be more sad but honestly I’m so happy for them it’s hard to be too sad for myself. This is what I went into foster care for and it finally happened.
  2. I bought baby Z and his family Christmas presents. I had been waiting for the outcome of court to buy him presents. Just because he went home doesn’t mean I won’t give them gifts though. I got the family matching stockings with their names on it, a Santa plate with Zs name on it, and an ornament. I also got Z a fun little toy for 12+. They have a lot of things for him now so I wanted to get something for later.
  3. Bubba and I did nothing Saturday. It was awesome just to play with my little buddy all day. I think he likes having all the attention for a little bit. He is struggling having his room all to himself.
  4. Our tree now has ornaments. I had just lights because Z got into everything but now I don’t have to worry about that.
  5. Bubba decorated a ginger bread house. It was funny to watch. Only like 3 things ended up in his mouth.
  6. Bubba is officially out of pull-ups. He hasn’t worn them during the day in weeks. Now he no longer needs them for bed either. And he hasn’t had an accident in weeks. Yay!
  7. We saw Bubbas mom again. We met at a museum so they could play, it was a lot of fun. Bubba didn’t stop building the whole time.
  8. I got an early Christmas present. My parents got me a new dresser (I have had the same one since my 5th birthday) I love it and I feel grown up lol.
  9. I finally have presents for everyone. Now I just have to wrap. Ugh.
  10. Lots of court days and visits this next week. Pray for us

Weekly update December 3rd

  1. I bought my first Usborne Books and love them. I’m having Usborne Facebook party this Wednesday. Email me at missfostermama@gmail.com if you would like to join.
  2. We went to see Diva and the rest of their siblings at zoo lights. It was a lot of fun and my parents joined in.
  3. Baby Zs parents got the cutest elf gift for Bubba. OMG. They are so sweet and thoughtful.
  4. Boys both had doctors appointments this week. Both are healthy and developmentally on track. She even said baby z was advanced. They did get 3 vaccines each. Bubba was fine for his own shots but freaked out that we were hurting baby z.
  5. We had a Team meeting for Baby Z. The parents don’t have to include me but they do. I love that they see me as part of the team. It was also decided that I will start supervising visits.
  6. We had our first visit together and it went really well. I love partnering with parents.
  7. We had our Elf on the shelf breakfast. Our elves were lazy and we had cinnamon rolls. The boys enjoyed it.
  8. I am done Christmas shopping for Princess and Bubba!!!! Yay! I’m waiting for Zs court date to shop for him.
  9. I’m starting to plan parents Christmas presents this year. I think the kids are going to make something with paint on canvas. Most likely handprint art. I just don’t know what. Any ideas?
  10. I have 14 more days of work left before Christmas break (not like I’m counting or anything)

Weekly update November 27

  1. We had an amazing Thanksgiving with my family and my God parents. My kids were the only one there so they got a lot of attention.
  2. We went to a tree farm and the boys loved it. We can’t have a live Christmas tree due to my allergies but we got to pick one out for my parents.
  3. My sister was in town so the boys were all over her and she loved it.
  4. I shared my number with Baby Zs parents and it has worked really well. I have been able to share pictures and answer their questions. We have a communication notebook but I sometimes think things are better said over the phone.
  5. We decorated for Christmas. It is very minimal this year due to having a toddler and a crawler. I won’t be putting ornaments on the tree till a couple days before Christmas. Eventually I will post about my favorite kid friendly Christmas decorations.
  6. I finally raked up my leaves (my parents helped). I saw my neighbors doing it and went “oh crap I need to do that”.
  7. We saw Princess and she had a sleepover . It was a great surprise. I love how well the three of them get a long.
  8. I am enjoying the Holiday season this year for the first time in a while. Last year at this time I was failing as a mom and my life was in constant chaos and I ended up having to opt out of seeing Hailee for Christmas for her well being. The year before I barely saw Hailee and everything just happened with court. I love going into the holiday season with less stress and a whole lot of love in my heart.
  9. Bubba’s Mom came. He hasn’t seen his parents or siblings in a couple weeks due to a DCFS problem. So he loved seeing her.
  10. I have to go to work tomorrow ugh

10 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. My children. No matter how long they are in my home they will always be in my heart.
  2. My parents. For everything they do for me and my children. They are both incredibly self less.
  3. For my sister. Though we are far apart I can always count on her. I am so excited she is in town for a couple days!!!!
  4. My best friends. I am incredibly blessed to have a group of friends I can count on during the good and bad times.
  5. My students. Working with them is the best part of my day. I enjoy their humor and I love their perseverance to overcome what ever challenges life throws at them.
  6. My coworkers (especially the ones I share an office with) They are amazing people who are always helping me.
  7. Princesses Dad and step mom. I will be forever grateful that they let me continue to be in her life and work really hard to make sure she is involved in our family activities.
  8. My children’s parents. For loving their children and including me in their family.
  9. Good TV shows. Watching tv is the way I relax and I am thankful for heartwarming shows like This is Us and the Chicago Shows.
  10. Food that delivers. I’m so thankful that more and more places deliver these days.

Weekly update November 19

  1. Bubba started tracing his name.
  2. Bubba is becoming way more independent. He cleaned the whole living room by himself! It was awesome
  3. Princess built two robots get first week of homeschool and says she enjoys it.
  4. Our family Christmas photos came back. Omg do I have cute kids.
  5. Z reached out for me to hold him for the first time ever. But now when anyone else is holding him he reaches out for me.
  6. Z learned how to pull himself in things and has tried to climb the stairs a couple times. Uh oh
  7. Z is going through a growth spurt and has done nothing but eat and sleep for 2 days.
  8. We did absolutely nothing all weekend except nap and it was amazing. We played and had fun together.
  9. For the first time in weeks I am all caught up on laundry. Seriously this is amazing.
  10. I have decided to read the Harry Potter books again. Anyone else want to join me?

10 things that made me smile this week

I have had a very stressful but overall good week. The week before conferences is always a little crazy. But there was a lot of laughter and smiles this week.

  1. I got a lovely note from Baby Zs parents thanking me for sending pictures and taking care of him. This is why I foster.
  2. Bubba is going to get more visit time with his parent and siblings!!!
  3. Bubba has started saying how much he misses Baby Z during the day and it’s so sweet.
  4. When I ask him if he missed me he says no. Hey at least he is honest.
  5. One of my 7th grade students walked in and introduced himself to the student working at the table. They have math group together once a week and have been to school together since preschool. Oh and they are also identical twins. I could not stop laughing at this one.
  6. My 8th grade student did amazing on a major project that he did 95% of on his own. (Seriously this is amazing)
  7. I had students asking to work with. (That never happens)
  8. I learned that there is a car bottle warmer (seriously best thing I have ever bought on amazon)
  9. I found a hot wheels advent calendar for Bubba.
  10. My sister comes home in 5 days!!!!

Weekly update November 12th

  1. We had family pictures. It was amazing that we were able to coordinate with everyone’s schedule and have Princess be there as well. I needed a new picture for my fireplace because the current one is Hailee and I five years ago.
  2. Baby Z learned to crawl and he crawls everywhere. He gets super angry when you are changing his diaper because he can’t crawl.
  3. Baby Z turned 7 months. Not only is he crawling but he is eating solid food and trying to pull himself up off of everything.
  4. Princess is starting homeschool. It is most likely only temporary but I think it is a great idea for her. Does anyone have any good resources?
  5. Bubba learned how to verbally spell his name. We are currently working on pointing and naming the letters of his name. Does anyone have any ideas to help with that or to help him learn how to write it?
  6. I went to the Bears Packers game with my best friends Sunday and it was amazing to have a day without kids. Too bad the bears lost.
  7. It seems like we are all finally getting over our colds. It seems like we have had this thing for months.
  8. I am starting to make everyone’s Christmas lists. I’m so behind because I’m not sure where either kids case is going so I am afraid to buy too much ahead of time. We do the something you want, something to need, something to wear, something to read.
  9. I’m so busy with work that I’m struggling to get things done at home so our house is a little more disorganized then usually. I can’t wait for thanksgiving break.
  10. We got our first snow!!!! It was only a little bit but we got to play outside in it.

10 ways parenting made me an A-hole recently 

I realized recently sometimes I am inadvertently an a-hole because either I am tired, distracted or simply because I am a parent.

  1. When I had to cut someone off because  I realized I had to turn the other way to go to Home Depot.
  2. When I asked the lady at the McDonald’s drive thru to repeat herself 4 times because both my kids were crying.
  3. When I held up traffic for about 30 seconds in the same drive thru line so that I could help the crying kids. 
  4. When I held up the Walgreens line because I had approximately a million questions about my child’s prescription.
  5. Anytime I have ever used WIC especially when I am trying to use multiple coupons at once. 
  6. Anytime I have tried to use a clothing voucher
  7. When my kid cried while in the doctor waiting room because he was bored and wanted to crawl and I wouldn’t let him. 
  8. When I missed two meetings at work because I was home with a sick kid.
  9. When I didn’t have time to breakdown all my boxes before putting them in the recycle bin (sorry neighbors)
  10. When I forgot to send Bubba’s library books back.

So everyone I pissed off I am really sorry. 

10 things that went right this week 

Last weeks post was a little bit of a downer. I felt like I was doing every wrong. This week I’m trying to focus on the positive. I love my kids and all in all our life is pretty awesome 

  1. Baby Z learned to crawl. So what if I found out when I set him down in the Wic bathroom as I tried to help Bubba pull up his pants. He finally is officially crawling. 
  2. Baby Z’s first official time crawling was for his parents. Not only did this make their day but it made mine. 
  3. Bubba learned to spell his name. I tried all July to get him to verbally say his name and then out of the blue he started doing it this week. Kids learn things at their own schedule. 
  4. My kids slept in during daylight savings (kinda). Z woke up 30 minutes early (or late). However you want to think about it. But I kept bubba up an hour late so he woke up at his normal time. 
  5. We spent time with Diva this weekend and Hawk called us. I love still being in contact with former foster children.  
  6. I organized the boys clothes. Z is already up a size of clothing so we had to get organized and bring up the next size of clothes from the basement. They both have some adorable Christmas clothes. 
  7. I don’t have bronchitis and/is a sinus infections. Though this is good news it didn’t make the pain go away. 
  8. That my amazing mother helped me out while I felt like death rolled over. She rocks. Seriously. I wouldn’t be able to foster without her. 
  9. I showered almost every day (well night). I will be honest I shower at night because I’m not a morning person. Even though I felt like shit this week I still showered regularly. 
  10. I have amazing kids. Honestly I am so lucky to have them in my life even if it is for a short time. They are so precious even when they make me want to pull my hair out. 

10 Reasons Why I Chose to Become a Foster Parent 

  1. I feel called to be a foster parent I wanted to become a foster parent since I was a little girl. I am not sure exactly when it started. Many members of my family have fostered and adopted throughout the years.
  2. I have a support system willing to help me. Though this is not a requirement of fostering, as a single women it is definitely something I knew I needed in order to foster. My parents and friends were not completely onboard in the beginning because I am young and single, but they supported me anyway. 
  3. I want to be a safe loving home for kids even if for a short period of time. Every child  deserves to have love and support and they can never get too much. 
  4. I wanted to help families reunify. My number one goal is to help support families. I want to be a resource to the parents and help them any way I cabs 
  5. Blood doesn’t make a family. When I was 18 I dated a man with a daughter. I fell in love with her instantly. I knew for sure that I could love another women’s child as if they were my own. I also learned a lot about how to keep a child connected with their bio family even when you don’t agree with their families choices.
  6. If families can’t be reunited I want to be a forever home. I would continue to foster a relationship with their bio family in what ever way I can. 
  7. I love kids. I didnt feel like I needed to get married to start raising kids.
  8. I have the resources. As a single women, who owns her own house, I felt that had the means and time to foster. 
  9. I felt like as a Special Education Teacher I had unique skills I could bring to fostering. I have training on learning disabilities and other disorders that allow me to be an educated advocate for children. It has definitely helped me before. (Every foster parent has their own unique skills they bring to the table) 
  10. Why not? You just have to leap into fostering. I might eventually decide fostering isn’t for me anymore, but hopefully I would have made difference in one kids life before then.