March update.

  1. The baby bears live with us! They are a perfect addition to our little family and they are so sweet.
  2. The baby bears are 9 months old. They were preemies so they are are a little behind developmentally but catching up quickly.
  3. Angel turned 2 yesterday! I can’t believe she is 2.
  4. Angel is mostly potty trained! She wears underwear at home and daycare but still needs pull ups when we are out and about.

5. We went to Disney world for spring break and it was a great trip! Fast passes and mobile ordering for food were some favorites for us!

6. Princess went to Disney with us! It was so sweet to see her enjoy the same things as when we went when she was 6.

7. Bubba is starting kindergarten next year and he has events to prepare for it and I am definitely not ready.

8. Baby bears don’t have any teeth but I am introducing solids. What are some soft solids? They are not fans of baby food.

9. I need ideas for Easter baskets for all 5 kids!! They don’t need a lot but I want it fun.

10. Any good ideas for summer vacations in the Midwest for children 1-5? I want to take some weekend trips.

February 2019

  1. This month has been spent cuddling my babies and trying to spend as much time with them as possibly. The weather goes for 60s to negatives but we try to spend as much time outside as possible.
  2. Curly’s little sister was born and she is is a cutie and curly is so happy to be a big sister.
  3. I have curly every Friday to help out and it has been a blast. The kids miss her.
  4. Work has been so stressful it isn’t even funny. I need ideas to make dinner time easy for my family since I don’t get home till 5:30/6 these days and the kids are hungry and starving.
  5. Bubba now went up another level in swimming he is really progressing and it is awesome!
  6. The kids love gymnastics. It is a great way to start our weekends.
  7. I want to sign up Bubba for a team sport this spring. What do you recommend for a four year old: soccer or t ball?
  8. Angel moved up to the 2 year old classroom at daycare. She is almost completely potty trained. Yay!
  9. I still haven’t heard about when Angel’s brothers are coming to live with us (nicknamed Baby bears) but hopefully I will hear soon.
  10. We leave for Disney in 3 weeks. Any tips for taking 3 kids to Disney?

January Update

  1. Curly officially went home on the 15th. Mom, grandma and curly all seem to be doing great.
  2. This has been a very boring month. I have been working on my goals for this year which includes reading more books and exercising.
  1. Princess is selling Girl Scout cookies if anyone wants them! They will deliver to your door!
  2. It has been so cold!!!! I need ideas for what to do with two little ones inside when we are inside all the time! We are going crazy. We have been home for the last two days due to frigid temperatures. We are all going stir crazy
  3. Angel decided to potty train herself this month and it is going well. I have never potty trained someone this young. Any tips?
  4. I need some good strategies for a very hyperactive and impulsive little boy. He is very sweet and caring he just has a lot of energy and I’m trying to get him to use his energy for good.
  5. I have stopped online dating. It’s hard to find a decent guy who wants to be part of our circus and with so many changes happening in our family I have a lot to focus on.
  6. I finally charged the kids Amazon Fires this week. (They has been dead for like 6 months). What are some good games and videos on there? (Especially learning ones)
  7. Please pray for Angel and her 5 brothers. The two youngest ones are possibly moving in with us and we are all very excited but also heartbroken for what they have been through.
  8. We are all going to Disney this year for spring break. I would love to hear your ideas and tips. The last time I went Princess was 6.

December update

I’m so sorry I didn’t post this. It was a very busy time with lots of transitions and the holidays. Here it is 25 days late.

    Bubba is in a new preschool class. He had to move to the mornings so he wouldn’t continue to miss due to visits. It has been a great transition and he loves his teacher.
    Bubba is still struggling to learn his letters. He has about 15 capital at this point. Anyone have any good tips?
    Angel is throwing a fit every time she goes in the car seat (she is rear facing) does anyone have any good advice for that?
    We saw Santa again with Diva this year at the zoo and it was such a great treat.
    Z came to Christmas this year with his parents and it was so nice to see them and to have them included in our family celebrations.
    Curly is with her mom 5 nights a week (she went from one over night, to two over nights to three and then the Holidays came and we added this two nights and because she is so close to being returned home they decided to keep it 5 nights a week) and she will officially be transitioned home in January.
    We all went to a light show a couple days before Christmas and the kids loved it. It is so magical to see things from the kids eyes.
    Christmas was great. Bubba and Angel got motorized “four wheelers” from Santa and were thrilled. We loved being with family and having a relaxing day.
    I had Princess for Christmas Eve which is a very special treat and we loved our time together.
    We went to a noon Years Eve celebration at our local museum which was a blast. The kids had som much fun and we then went to bed at our normal times.

November update

  1. Thanksgiving was amazing. Curly spent the day with her mom which was bitter sweet. We got to spend the morning with Princess and Baby Z came for dinner. I was so thankful to be able to spend the day with all the kids I love.
  2. Bubba had his parent teacher conferences and his teacher says he has made great growth since last year.
  3. Since Bubbas birthday is in August I’m still thinking he should do one more year of preschool and wait till he is 6 to start Kindergarten. I regret not holding Princess back because I feel like academically and socially she will always be behind. Has anyone been in my shoes. What did you do?
  4. Curly also had her parent teacher conferences. She knows all her letters and numbers. They are going to move her from the self contained classroom to the general education preschool rooms. Yay!
  5. Curly and her mom visit for 8 hours on all weekends and holidays now! Yay! I am so happy for them but we do miss curly at home.
  6. Angel is talking like crazy. She sings and talks all the time. I can’t believe she is over a year and a half.
  7. Please pray for Angel and her brothers. A lot is happening with their case and I just keep praying the right things happen.
  8. We are going to Disney for spring break! Yay! So excited to take Bubba. I’m excited to take Angel and it will be the week of her 2nd birthday but I am also a little terrified to take a child that young. Any ideas?

October update

  1. Curly turned 4 today! Yay!!!
  2. We had Curly’s birthday party on Saturday and went trick or treating after (our town is weird and does trick or treating the Saturday before every year). My friends and family came in addition to Curly’s mom and grandma, Baby Z and his parents, and Bubba’s sister and brother and foster family. It was amazing to have everyone there celebrating Curly.
  3. I got Curly a trike for her birthday and I was so proud of her for getting right on and riding it.
  4. We dressed up as zoo animals this year. Princess was a peacock, Bubba was an alligator, Curly was a cheetah, Angel was a giraffe, and I was a monkey. Angel and Bubba had a hard time keeping their hoods on. Princess was allowed to go trick or treating by herself this year and she timed herself to see how fast she could get to all the houses. Angel did not like strangers giving her stuff and I held her the entire time, I should have brought a wagon.
  5. We painted pumpkins this year instead of carving. I am horrible at carving and my kids are to going to carve alone so I would have basically carved all the pumpkins alone and where is the fun in that.
  6. We went apple picking and pumpkin picking at the same time this year. I found a farm that does both and I was so thankful lol. My kids love doing both and I loved that they could do both at the same time.
  7. Bubba is learning more and more letters every day. Anyone have any fun game ideas to teach a very active 4 year old his letters and letter sounds?
  8. Angel takes off all her clothes and diaper now and wants to sit on the potty. I have never potty trained someone so young so I am unsure of what to do. Do I wait till she is a little older? If I potty train her now who has tips and tricks?
  9. Princess went to her first school dance. It was Halloween theme and the kids dressed up, she had the best costume according to her.
  10. This month when we saw Diva we went trick or treating at the zoo. It was an amazing time. We had never been but we will definitely go next year.

September update

Sorry this is late guys. I have been super busy. I know I said I would start blogging regularly but I haven’t. I am not sure what to blog about and I just don’t have the time right now. I have been posting more on Instagram. I might eventually start weekly updates again let’s see.

  1. Curly started unsupervised with her mom this month and her mom came over 12 times this month (I have to keep track for dcfs). It is going super well and once her mom gets a place we will start overnights.
  2. Though I love Angel and I feel so blessed to still have her in my life I am heartbroken that she is still in my home and not with any of her brothers. She had 3 older brothers and she has twin brothers who were born in July. I want her to be able to bond with them but for right now she sees them all once a week. I also have contact with both her parents and keep them updated on everything.
  3. Bubba’s case breaks my heart every day. I have limited contact with his parents. He does see his parents weekly. I feel bad that he also isn’t with his siblings. He has sibling visits 2 times a month and we still see Diva once or twice a month.
  4. Baby Z is doing really well. His parents still call and update me weekly and we see him as much as we can. He is a rough and tumble toddler now and keeps me on my toes when ever we have him.
  5. Baby Z pictures from when we first had him are showing up on my time hop and making me have super duper baby fever.
  6. I am letting kids handle more of their own problems. I have noticed when I don’t get involved they get a long a lot better.
  7. I need to lose weight for health reasons. I have started walking and riding bikes more with the kids and eating healthier.
  8. I have started dating. It isn’t going well lol. However, I am optimistic that there is somewhere out there that wants to be a part of this craziness.
  9. Curly’s birthday is on Halloween so we will be having a safari birthday party with her mom and grandma present.
  10. For Halloween this year we will all be animals :). So excited to show you.

August update (I never posted this sorry)

  1. Bubba and Princess had their birthday “party”. It was perfect. I love giving them an experience instead of a party because both of them get incredibly anxious being the center of attention and since we have them share their party now they are both so much happier and they love it. (I still insist on separate cakes though but this year they coordinated with Harley Quinn and Bat man)
  2. Princess is back in traditional school and started 6th grade, I can’t believe my baby is 11 and in 6th grade already.
  3. Princess got a phone for her birthday. I feel like I am in this weird stage where I don’t want to text her too much but at the same time I’m loving being able to hear from her more often.
  4. Bubba and Curly started their second year of preschool. They are both have the same teachers they have last year. Curly for sure has one more year of preschool because her birthday is October but Bubba could be going to Kindergarten next year (because he has an August birthday I feel he should have one more year of preschool but it isn’t up to me).
  5. All three littles moved up teachers at daycare. Bubba is in the Pre-K room and his teacher is fantastic. Curly is in the 3/4 room, I miss her old teacher (she used to be Princesses and Bubba when they were in the 2/3 and I love her so much, we still get to see her every morning). Angel is in the Toddler room.
  6. I started a new school year. It is my 6th year and I feel like each year I learn more and more about how to be a better teacher.
  7. I feel like we are getting into the routine of going back to school very quickly this year.
  8. I always need easy ideas to cook for dinner though. We have been eating a lot of sausage and chicken with steamed vegetables.
  9. Next month something exciting is happening. I will be supervising visits with Curly and her mom. I am hoping it goes well and they get more time together
  10. We are going camping a lot more this fall than usual. I am forcing myself to do things I love. I have stopped doing things I loved because they are more difficult with three (and sometimes four) kids and that isn’t fair to me or the kids .

July update

    On the 15th Bubba has officially been in care for 2 years. Please continue to pray that the right outcome comes out of all of this. I love my little buddy and want what is best for him.
    Princess’ dad got a job so I have her for the rest of the summer so he doesn’t have to get childcare.
    I have had the girls 5 months and I definitely feel like I have this parenting 4 kids thing down.
    We went on vacation to Colorado. It was a blast. I should probably make a list of what to do in Steamboat. I’m hoping we will be going back this year for Christmas.
    I have started emailing with Curlys mom. I am so proud of everything she has done so far. We have a great dialogue back and forth and I am so thankful that she sees me as a mentor and not a threat. Reunification goal is hopefully before Thanksgiving.
    I will have 7 (or 8 depending on the week) visits between my 3 children starting in a couple weeks. Like I’m glad that visits are increasing but it seemed to happen all at once.
    I only have 15 more days of Summer vacation. Where did the time go?
    I have been working hard planning Princess and Bubbas joint birthday party. It will be Batman and Harley Quinn themed and at a water park.
    What is on your fall to do list? I know it’s a little early but I am considering what to do since it all goes by so fast.
    We have already decided on costumes this year. We are going to be Zoo animals and since Curlys birthday is Halloween we are going to have a zoo themed party. Anyone have any ideas?

June update

  1. School is officially over and I have 2 months off work!
  2. I wish I could be home with my kids all year long. I love spending time with them.
  3. Any ideas of things to do around Chicago land area?
  4. Bubba and Curly’s goals this summer is to write their name and and learn their letters and numbers. Any fun ways to do that?
  5. Bubba has been through a lot lately but the hitting is getting worse and he ignoring directions. Any advice on how to stop hitting and to get him to listen?
  6. Princess is reading like crazy. Any good book series for an almost 11 year old who loves fantasy?
  7. Angel is getting more and more of a personality. She loved copying the older ones and tries to do things they can do like put on her own shoes, get her own juice, etc.
  8. We have a trip planned to Colorado at the end of July. Any ideas of what to do around steamboat springs?
  9. Princess and Bubba will have their joint birthday party at a water park in town. They are so excited and I’m just trying to think of ways to save money.
  10. I will start blogging more in September. What do you want to read about?