March update.

  1. The baby bears live with us! They are a perfect addition to our little family and they are so sweet.
  2. The baby bears are 9 months old. They were preemies so they are are a little behind developmentally but catching up quickly.
  3. Angel turned 2 yesterday! I can’t believe she is 2.
  4. Angel is mostly potty trained! She wears underwear at home and daycare but still needs pull ups when we are out and about.

5. We went to Disney world for spring break and it was a great trip! Fast passes and mobile ordering for food were some favorites for us!

6. Princess went to Disney with us! It was so sweet to see her enjoy the same things as when we went when she was 6.

7. Bubba is starting kindergarten next year and he has events to prepare for it and I am definitely not ready.

8. Baby bears don’t have any teeth but I am introducing solids. What are some soft solids? They are not fans of baby food.

9. I need ideas for Easter baskets for all 5 kids!! They don’t need a lot but I want it fun.

10. Any good ideas for summer vacations in the Midwest for children 1-5? I want to take some weekend trips.