January Update

  1. Curly officially went home on the 15th. Mom, grandma and curly all seem to be doing great.
  2. This has been a very boring month. I have been working on my goals for this year which includes reading more books and exercising.
  1. Princess is selling Girl Scout cookies if anyone wants them! They will deliver to your door!
  2. It has been so cold!!!! I need ideas for what to do with two little ones inside when we are inside all the time! We are going crazy. We have been home for the last two days due to frigid temperatures. We are all going stir crazy
  3. Angel decided to potty train herself this month and it is going well. I have never potty trained someone this young. Any tips?
  4. I need some good strategies for a very hyperactive and impulsive little boy. He is very sweet and caring he just has a lot of energy and I’m trying to get him to use his energy for good.
  5. I have stopped online dating. It’s hard to find a decent guy who wants to be part of our circus and with so many changes happening in our family I have a lot to focus on.
  6. I finally charged the kids Amazon Fires this week. (They has been dead for like 6 months). What are some good games and videos on there? (Especially learning ones)
  7. Please pray for Angel and her 5 brothers. The two youngest ones are possibly moving in with us and we are all very excited but also heartbroken for what they have been through.
  8. We are all going to Disney this year for spring break. I would love to hear your ideas and tips. The last time I went Princess was 6.

December update

I’m so sorry I didn’t post this. It was a very busy time with lots of transitions and the holidays. Here it is 25 days late.

    Bubba is in a new preschool class. He had to move to the mornings so he wouldn’t continue to miss due to visits. It has been a great transition and he loves his teacher.
    Bubba is still struggling to learn his letters. He has about 15 capital at this point. Anyone have any good tips?
    Angel is throwing a fit every time she goes in the car seat (she is rear facing) does anyone have any good advice for that?
    We saw Santa again with Diva this year at the zoo and it was such a great treat.
    Z came to Christmas this year with his parents and it was so nice to see them and to have them included in our family celebrations.
    Curly is with her mom 5 nights a week (she went from one over night, to two over nights to three and then the Holidays came and we added this two nights and because she is so close to being returned home they decided to keep it 5 nights a week) and she will officially be transitioned home in January.
    We all went to a light show a couple days before Christmas and the kids loved it. It is so magical to see things from the kids eyes.
    Christmas was great. Bubba and Angel got motorized “four wheelers” from Santa and were thrilled. We loved being with family and having a relaxing day.
    I had Princess for Christmas Eve which is a very special treat and we loved our time together.
    We went to a noon Years Eve celebration at our local museum which was a blast. The kids had som much fun and we then went to bed at our normal times.