October update

  1. Curly turned 4 today! Yay!!!
  2. We had Curly’s birthday party on Saturday and went trick or treating after (our town is weird and does trick or treating the Saturday before every year). My friends and family came in addition to Curly’s mom and grandma, Baby Z and his parents, and Bubba’s sister and brother and foster family. It was amazing to have everyone there celebrating Curly.
  3. I got Curly a trike for her birthday and I was so proud of her for getting right on and riding it.
  4. We dressed up as zoo animals this year. Princess was a peacock, Bubba was an alligator, Curly was a cheetah, Angel was a giraffe, and I was a monkey. Angel and Bubba had a hard time keeping their hoods on. Princess was allowed to go trick or treating by herself this year and she timed herself to see how fast she could get to all the houses. Angel did not like strangers giving her stuff and I held her the entire time, I should have brought a wagon.
  5. We painted pumpkins this year instead of carving. I am horrible at carving and my kids are to going to carve alone so I would have basically carved all the pumpkins alone and where is the fun in that.
  6. We went apple picking and pumpkin picking at the same time this year. I found a farm that does both and I was so thankful lol. My kids love doing both and I loved that they could do both at the same time.
  7. Bubba is learning more and more letters every day. Anyone have any fun game ideas to teach a very active 4 year old his letters and letter sounds?
  8. Angel takes off all her clothes and diaper now and wants to sit on the potty. I have never potty trained someone so young so I am unsure of what to do. Do I wait till she is a little older? If I potty train her now who has tips and tricks?
  9. Princess went to her first school dance. It was Halloween theme and the kids dressed up, she had the best costume according to her.
  10. This month when we saw Diva we went trick or treating at the zoo. It was an amazing time. We had never been but we will definitely go next year.

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