September update

Sorry this is late guys. I have been super busy. I know I said I would start blogging regularly but I haven’t. I am not sure what to blog about and I just don’t have the time right now. I have been posting more on Instagram. I might eventually start weekly updates again let’s see.

  1. Curly started unsupervised with her mom this month and her mom came over 12 times this month (I have to keep track for dcfs). It is going super well and once her mom gets a place we will start overnights.
  2. Though I love Angel and I feel so blessed to still have her in my life I am heartbroken that she is still in my home and not with any of her brothers. She had 3 older brothers and she has twin brothers who were born in July. I want her to be able to bond with them but for right now she sees them all once a week. I also have contact with both her parents and keep them updated on everything.
  3. Bubba’s case breaks my heart every day. I have limited contact with his parents. He does see his parents weekly. I feel bad that he also isn’t with his siblings. He has sibling visits 2 times a month and we still see Diva once or twice a month.
  4. Baby Z is doing really well. His parents still call and update me weekly and we see him as much as we can. He is a rough and tumble toddler now and keeps me on my toes when ever we have him.
  5. Baby Z pictures from when we first had him are showing up on my time hop and making me have super duper baby fever.
  6. I am letting kids handle more of their own problems. I have noticed when I don’t get involved they get a long a lot better.
  7. I need to lose weight for health reasons. I have started walking and riding bikes more with the kids and eating healthier.
  8. I have started dating. It isn’t going well lol. However, I am optimistic that there is somewhere out there that wants to be a part of this craziness.
  9. Curly’s birthday is on Halloween so we will be having a safari birthday party with her mom and grandma present.
  10. For Halloween this year we will all be animals :). So excited to show you.

August update (I never posted this sorry)

  1. Bubba and Princess had their birthday “party”. It was perfect. I love giving them an experience instead of a party because both of them get incredibly anxious being the center of attention and since we have them share their party now they are both so much happier and they love it. (I still insist on separate cakes though but this year they coordinated with Harley Quinn and Bat man)
  2. Princess is back in traditional school and started 6th grade, I can’t believe my baby is 11 and in 6th grade already.
  3. Princess got a phone for her birthday. I feel like I am in this weird stage where I don’t want to text her too much but at the same time I’m loving being able to hear from her more often.
  4. Bubba and Curly started their second year of preschool. They are both have the same teachers they have last year. Curly for sure has one more year of preschool because her birthday is October but Bubba could be going to Kindergarten next year (because he has an August birthday I feel he should have one more year of preschool but it isn’t up to me).
  5. All three littles moved up teachers at daycare. Bubba is in the Pre-K room and his teacher is fantastic. Curly is in the 3/4 room, I miss her old teacher (she used to be Princesses and Bubba when they were in the 2/3 and I love her so much, we still get to see her every morning). Angel is in the Toddler room.
  6. I started a new school year. It is my 6th year and I feel like each year I learn more and more about how to be a better teacher.
  7. I feel like we are getting into the routine of going back to school very quickly this year.
  8. I always need easy ideas to cook for dinner though. We have been eating a lot of sausage and chicken with steamed vegetables.
  9. Next month something exciting is happening. I will be supervising visits with Curly and her mom. I am hoping it goes well and they get more time together
  10. We are going camping a lot more this fall than usual. I am forcing myself to do things I love. I have stopped doing things I loved because they are more difficult with three (and sometimes four) kids and that isn’t fair to me or the kids .