July update

    On the 15th Bubba has officially been in care for 2 years. Please continue to pray that the right outcome comes out of all of this. I love my little buddy and want what is best for him.
    Princess’ dad got a job so I have her for the rest of the summer so he doesn’t have to get childcare.
    I have had the girls 5 months and I definitely feel like I have this parenting 4 kids thing down.
    We went on vacation to Colorado. It was a blast. I should probably make a list of what to do in Steamboat. I’m hoping we will be going back this year for Christmas.
    I have started emailing with Curlys mom. I am so proud of everything she has done so far. We have a great dialogue back and forth and I am so thankful that she sees me as a mentor and not a threat. Reunification goal is hopefully before Thanksgiving.
    I will have 7 (or 8 depending on the week) visits between my 3 children starting in a couple weeks. Like I’m glad that visits are increasing but it seemed to happen all at once.
    I only have 15 more days of Summer vacation. Where did the time go?
    I have been working hard planning Princess and Bubbas joint birthday party. It will be Batman and Harley Quinn themed and at a water park.
    What is on your fall to do list? I know it’s a little early but I am considering what to do since it all goes by so fast.
    We have already decided on costumes this year. We are going to be Zoo animals and since Curlys birthday is Halloween we are going to have a zoo themed party. Anyone have any ideas?