June update

  1. School is officially over and I have 2 months off work!
  2. I wish I could be home with my kids all year long. I love spending time with them.
  3. Any ideas of things to do around Chicago land area?
  4. Bubba and Curly’s goals this summer is to write their name and and learn their letters and numbers. Any fun ways to do that?
  5. Bubba has been through a lot lately but the hitting is getting worse and he ignoring directions. Any advice on how to stop hitting and to get him to listen?
  6. Princess is reading like crazy. Any good book series for an almost 11 year old who loves fantasy?
  7. Angel is getting more and more of a personality. She loved copying the older ones and tries to do things they can do like put on her own shoes, get her own juice, etc.
  8. We have a trip planned to Colorado at the end of July. Any ideas of what to do around steamboat springs?
  9. Princess and Bubba will have their joint birthday party at a water park in town. They are so excited and I’m just trying to think of ways to save money.
  10. I will start blogging more in September. What do you want to read about?

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