My 10 favorite kids friendly Christmas decorations

I love Christmas! I always have enjoyed Christmas and decorating my whole house after Thanksgiving. Having two young children though I’m trying to keep all of the Christmas decorations to things they can easily play with and enjoy.

  1. Melissa and Doug count down to Christmas I have had this since Princess was little. It is so simple and I love it.
  2. Hot wheels advent calendar I am not a fan of the chocolate advent calendars. So I try to find one that relates to what the kids like. This is Bubba’s this year. Princess has a Lego one (she gets one of those every year). Bubba got a little people one last year. There are so many cool ones out there.
  3. Felt Christmas tree I know you can make these your self. However I don’t have time for that. I also got the boys a felt snow man.
  4. Christmas window clings We decorate with window clings for every season. Bubba puts them up and then moves them around where ever he wants.
  5. Little People Nativity Bubba loves this. It wouldn’t be Christmas without a nativity and here is one that I don’t mind the kids touching and playing with.
  6. Christmas Train Set This year I decided that every little boy needs a train to go around their Christmas tree.
  7. Christmas boxes What do kids love more than playing in boxes? Absolutely nothing. And now I have something to put next to my door.
  8. Christmas light projector As a single mom I don’t have time to hang lights. This makes my house look pretty and it only takes a couple minutes to put together.
  9. Live tree for outside I can’t have a live tree inside the house because of my allergies. So the kids and I got one outside and burlap ornaments to decorate. It’s nice to have something that smells like Christmas but isn’t making a mess in my house.
  10. Step2 My First Christmas Tree I don’t have this because they are sold out. But I want this for this boys. Maybe next year.

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