10 things to do the night before court

Tomorrow I have a big court date for one of my kids. Court dates make me very nervous when I am unsure what is going to happen. This is what I do the night before court to help me get through.

  1. Email the caseworker, casa, and anyone else involved and update on the child. I usually do this a week before so that they can include any new information in the court.
  2. Asks questions. My big problem with tomorrow’s court date is no one has the same information and that is why I’m so stressed out. Don’t be afraid to asks questions and make sure things are clarified.
  3. Ask caseworker to call you after court. If you are like me and cannot go to court talk to the caseworker and ask her to call you after. My caseworkers have always been great about it.
  4. Make sure all of your notes are updated. I’m going to make a post about this eventually but I keep an updated calendar showing when doctors appointments and visits are as well as notes on health, behavior, and developmental milestones.
  5. Update their life book. You don’t know if they are going home or not so make sure everything is updated and they have every pictures and tidbit of information you want them to have.
  6. Cuddle your babies. Give them big hugs. They have no idea that someone they have never met will be making decisions for them tomorrow. But you do. So hold them tight.
  7. Spend the night at home. We are always so busy. Tonight we are just going to stay home and spend time together as a family instead of going out and about.
  8. Pray. I pray every night that what is best for my children happens. I don’t pray for a certain outcome because only God knows what is best.
  9. Relax. Do something to get your mind off of everything going on.
  10. Go on with life as planned. The hardest thing I have had to learn is that you cannot worry about things that you can’t control so just move on.

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