10 favorite family friendly activities in Chicago

  1. Navy Pier- Such a fun place to walk around in the summer and a festive place to go in the winter. They also have the children’s museum there.
  2. The Aquarium- I love animals and so do my kid. And though some of the other attractions are extra, it is worth just to visit with general admission .
  3. The Planetarium- I haven’t been since I was a kid but Hailee just went on a field trip and loved it.
  4. The Water  Tower Place- I love this mall. They have an American Girl Doll store inside which the girls love and it has an adorable restaurant inside.
  5. Lincoln Park Zoo- This is a free zoo in the middle of the city. It is always a fun place to go when you are in the city.
  6. Brookfield zoo- This zoo costs money and is out of the city. But it is a little bigger and we absolutely adore it.
  7. Legoland- My kids love Legoland and I do too.
  8. Botanic Gardens- If you love flowers and trains this is the place for you. Their holiday trains are awesome.
  9. Riding the train- Whether the “L” or the Metra my kids love to go on the trains
  10. Wrigley Field- Thia is my most favorite place in the world. If you love baseball you have to go to wrigley field.

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