10 ways parenting made me an A-hole recently 

I realized recently sometimes I am inadvertently an a-hole because either I am tired, distracted or simply because I am a parent.

  1. When I had to cut someone off because  I realized I had to turn the other way to go to Home Depot.
  2. When I asked the lady at the McDonald’s drive thru to repeat herself 4 times because both my kids were crying.
  3. When I held up traffic for about 30 seconds in the same drive thru line so that I could help the crying kids. 
  4. When I held up the Walgreens line because I had approximately a million questions about my child’s prescription.
  5. Anytime I have ever used WIC especially when I am trying to use multiple coupons at once. 
  6. Anytime I have tried to use a clothing voucher
  7. When my kid cried while in the doctor waiting room because he was bored and wanted to crawl and I wouldn’t let him. 
  8. When I missed two meetings at work because I was home with a sick kid.
  9. When I didn’t have time to breakdown all my boxes before putting them in the recycle bin (sorry neighbors)
  10. When I forgot to send Bubba’s library books back.

So everyone I pissed off I am really sorry. 

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