Our 10 favorite picture books 

Bubba and I love to read before bed (Baby Z enjoys it for a couple minutes before he falls asleep.) It’s our favorite part of the night. Here our some of our favorite picture books for babies and toddlers.

  1. Pout Pout Fish This is a great series of books teaching kids to be positive.
  2. Don’t push the Button This is a hilarious interactive books that makes kids giggle. (Spoiler: they get to press the button and funny things happen)
  3. Giraffes can’t dance An adorable board book about a giraffe who wants to dance
  4. Where the wild things are Bubba loves this book. (Random tidbit: while becoming a foster parent I almost decorated my nursery in this theme)
  5. The very hungry catapillar An oldy but a goody
  6. Brown Bear Brown Bear Another classic. Bubba loves to read this book to me. He has the whole thing memorized.
  7. Bed time math This is an awesome series and I love how they have different levels so you can read  it with different age kiddos at the same time.
  8. The rainbow fish What a great way to reach sharing and it has beautiful pictures.
  9. Hello Airplane Beautiful pictures and a simple story perfect for bedtime. Bubba loves this one since he loves airplanes.
  10. Good night, Cubs A favorite in our house for obvious reasons.

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