10 times I have felt utterly incompetent this week

I try to be so positive. But this week has been hell. Being a single mom is hard. It is especially hard when you have people waiting to point out every mistake you make. This post is not meant to be a “poor me” post. Instead I hope someone reads this and realizes they are not alone. And even though it might feel like you are a failure, remember you are trying your best. 

  1.  When I tried to put my 6 month pants on my three year old. It was hilarious but not very successful.
  2. When my kids got colds. I know they aren’t the only kids with colds. But it sure feels like it when I get phone calls from caseworkers about runny noses.
  3. For the fact that my 6 month old cries in when put in his car seat. Apparently the fact he cries when his parents put him in the car seat at the end of the visit means he is unhappy living with me. 
  4. When I canceled on my friends to spend a night with princess. Actually I don’t feel guilty about this at all. 
  5. When I couldn’t get dye out of princess’ hair. I felt bad taking her back to her dads with dye in her hair. But that’s why her dad, step Mom and I are a team. 
  6. When I forgot to take a single picture of my kids by themselves trick or treating. We have a group photo I took that I love. But I don’t have a single photo I can print for their parents.
  7. When my kids ate too much candy for Halloween. I only felt guilty about this for a second. We have no candy or treats in the house so I guess a little treat is okay. 
  8. For wanting a minute alone. I was exhausting and I needed a moment alone but my kids needed me too. Self care and being a mom is a balance I haven’t figured out. 
  9. The fact that my kids have to go to daycare. Sometimes the guilt of being a working mom gets to me. However they both love daycare.
  10. The fact that I am only one person. Being a single parent can be hard but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m glad I started fostering now instead of waiting till I found a man.

Some weeks everything I do seems wrong. But I just remind myself I am doing my best and then laugh at it. 

My 10 Favorite Authors of Children’s Books

Going with the theme from last week here are some of my favorite Authors of Children’s chapter books.

  1. Jeffrey Brown is a cartoonist. He wrote the Jedi Academy series. He also wrote the amazingly funny books Darth Vader and Son and Vader’s little princess.
  2. Dav Pilkey is best known for the Captain Underpants series. However he just came out with the Dogman series which is just as funny.
  3. James Patterson’s middle school series is great. I just read I funny but I have students who read all the books and loved them.
  4. Stephen Pastis is another cartoonist. He writes a series called Timmy Failure about a detective who makes a lot of mistakes.
  5. Aaron Blabey is a picture book author (check out the Pig the Pug books. However he just came out with the series the Bad Guys and I love it.
  6. Raina Telgemeier is another author of graphic novels. She wrote smile, sisters, and adapted the babysitters club series to graphic novels.
  7. Rachel Renee Russell is the author of the dork diaries. One of my students all time favorites.
  8. James Burks is the author of Bird and Squirrel and the Haggis and Tank unleashed series. His books are high interest low level books and my struggling readers love them.
  9. Brian Selznick is an amazing illustrator. He also wrote the books wonderstruck and the Invention is Hugo Cabret.
  10. Tom Watson is the author of Stick dog and Stick Cat which are funny and entertaining.

2 Bonus Series:

DC Universe Rebirth A modern version of DC comics. Comics aren’t my thing but my 7th grade students convinced me to read one and they are pretty good.

Graphic Warfare These books are awesome because they teach about wars in such a fun way.

Our 10 favorite picture books 

Bubba and I love to read before bed (Baby Z enjoys it for a couple minutes before he falls asleep.) It’s our favorite part of the night. Here our some of our favorite picture books for babies and toddlers.

  1. Pout Pout Fish This is a great series of books teaching kids to be positive.
  2. Don’t push the Button This is a hilarious interactive books that makes kids giggle. (Spoiler: they get to press the button and funny things happen)
  3. Giraffes can’t dance An adorable board book about a giraffe who wants to dance
  4. Where the wild things are Bubba loves this book. (Random tidbit: while becoming a foster parent I almost decorated my nursery in this theme)
  5. The very hungry catapillar An oldy but a goody
  6. Brown Bear Brown Bear Another classic. Bubba loves to read this book to me. He has the whole thing memorized.
  7. Bed time math This is an awesome series and I love how they have different levels so you can read  it with different age kiddos at the same time.
  8. The rainbow fish What a great way to reach sharing and it has beautiful pictures.
  9. Hello Airplane Beautiful pictures and a simple story perfect for bedtime. Bubba loves this one since he loves airplanes.
  10. Good night, Cubs A favorite in our house for obvious reasons.