10 things I love about Bubba 

Today is Bubba’s third birthday. He is an absolute joy and I can’t imagine my life without him. 

  1. His energy. I am exhausted every night he goes to bed but I love that he is so outgoing.
  2. His facial expressions. I wish I could show pics of his face because he has the cutest facial expressions in the world:
  3. How smart he is. I know everyone says there kids are geniuses but this kid learns everything so quickly. 
  4. The stuff he says. Every day he gets more and more verbal and repeats things we say. He is pretty adorable on the phone too:
  5. His love off all things animals. We only watch movies with animals as the main stars (Zootopia, Sing, Secret Life of Pets) and there is nothing he enjoys more than going to the zoo. 
  6. His athletic ability. He loves playing all sports. I love watching him learn new techniques for shooting the ball in basketball or kicking the soccer ball.
  7. His love of athletics. I have never seen a young kid so inthralled in a Cubs game as he was when we went a couple weeks ago. He just sat and watched and asked questions. As someone who loves to go to baseball games I am so excited to see he enjoys it. 
  8. His problem solving skills. He loves to figure things out and solve problems. I love to watch him take apart toys and put them back together.
  9. His attachment to me. Sometimes I do wish I could have some space. But his need to be near me at all times it is adorable how much he loves.
  10. The fact that I have him and his siblings in my life. This case has been a world wind but I am so thankful every day that I know these kids. 

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