10 Questions to Ask a Placement Worker 

It is so important to have a list of questions to ask a licensing worker. The first time I got a placement I was rediculed by the person on the phone for asking so many questions and  I let it get to me. I ended up taking a placement that didn’t work out because I was afraid to ask questions. 

  1. What are the ages and gender of the children? It is important to make sure that you are licensed for that age and that you have a spot for them in your house. Many times placement workers try to place kids with people who aren’t licensed for that age. 
  2. Why were they removed? Or why are they being moved from their current foster home? This can help you understand what the kids have been through and what has happened to cause them to be removed. 
  3. Is there any family wanting to have the children placed with them? Sometimes they will move to a family member as soon as they have a background check. This is good to know since chances are the placement will be temporary. 
  4. Is this their first time being removed? Sometimes licensing workers can give you information on the history of the case. 
  5. How did the health works check go? Does the kids have lice? Are they injured in anyway? Are there any special directions on their care? 
  6. Do they have any allergies or medical conditions? Are they coming with medication? Is there anything you need to know medically?
  7. Is a visit set up with the parents? Make sure you write any dates down for upcoming appointments?
  8. Are they coming with anything? I have had children come with nothing and children come with a couple items. In my experience there is never time for the kids to grab much. 
  9. What sizes are they? What size diaper do they wear? What formula are they on? If you know these things, you can run to the store or go through your storage. All of my foster children have come at night, so it was important to have atleast enough to get us through the night. 
  10. When are you dropping them off? This gives you an idea of when to expect them so you can start preparing. 

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